Thursday, 8 July 2010

Scissor Sisters - Running Out

'Running Out' from the Scissor Sisters best album to date 'Night Work'.

I Loved the Scissor Sisters First album hard. Return to Oz is still my favorite film of all time and when i heard their track of the same name, I was hooked. If i ever write a song this great, i'll die happy.

"It's talking about people losing themselves in self-deprecation, then losing themselves in an escape that's not a positive escape. It's a retracting from reality." Babydaddy

Then they released their second album. You know. The one with THAT song sung like the Beegees on Crystal Meth after inhaling 100 helium balloons. I couldn't deal with that one.

But now they're back with a fantastically fun, edgy and fresh album and i fucking love it.

If I must pick a fave track, then 'Running Out' is the One.

I also love Santigold, who co wrote the track. She is an uber talented writer and i love her first album. Stuart Price delivers as always on Production. It's Devo vibes and hooked me from first listen and the lyrics are great.

Best Tracks: Running Out, Invisible Light, Harder You Get, Whole New Way.

Enjoy my Disco Junkies

Adam.K xx