Saturday, 24 July 2010

Grizzly Bear in Hyde Park

In march this year, I had the pleasure of seeing Grizzly Bear live with Beach House up in Warwick. Having had the best part of a year to get acquainted with their current album "Veckataimest", I was really excited about seeing them, but also dubious as to how they could possibly come close to recreating their album sound live. I was wrong to have had any doubt in them, they each utilised an array of pedals for both their instruments and vocals and sounded more colossal than on record. That combined with a their light show and the THC in my system made it one of the best shows I had ever been to.
Having already experienced this, I went to their Hyde park Serpentine Sessions show expecting to not be quite so blown away this time. WRONG AGAIN. Despite the heat of them playing in a tent on a very warm summers evening, I was constantly getting shivers through out the set from their mammoth sounding parts, as well as their beautifully constructed harmonies. Definitely worth the 35 scrilla I forked out for the ticket (when did shows start costing so much??). I recommend seeing them when they eventually return to the UK. Until then enjoy this lil video of them performing one of my fave songs "ready, Able" in session...
Andrew x