Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Going solo

So Kele from Bloc Party went solo recently and i have been listening to his debut 'The Boxer' a lot. 'Rise' is one of the cooler tracks off the album (there are a few shite ones too) but lets focus on the good!

Also check out 'The Other Side' and 'Everything You Wanted'.

Mr Brandon Flowers from The Killers has also decided to go solo, but instead of experimenting a little and trying something new like Kele, this just sounds like another Killers track, which, if we're honest, haven't been that great of late!

'Crossfire' was however co written with U2's long time collaborator Daniel Lanois and produced by Stuart Price, who i love, so it's definitely worth a few listens! It's not bad and i think that the chorus sounds quite epic. Maaaaybe it will grow on me...

Here's the video:

Adam Boy xxx